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Sirius starseed ... Sirius starseed ' Starseed '- A soul originating outside of a human body and of earth (an alien soul) who has incarnated into a human body in order to complete a mission on Earth. Not everyone is a starseed. There are original humans.

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100 Characteristics of the "Bad Guy" Antagonist If your leader acts like this... he's probably not a good choice for leadership. Trump does most of these things. Publically. We should have public readings of this vs some common traits of heroic characters, and compare leaders and other public figures to both lists. I think the results would be ...
8SharesConstellation Hydra Astrology Constellation Hydra the Water Snake, is a southern constellation sitting under constellation Leo and constellation Virgo, and on it’s back sits constellation Crater, constellation Corvus, and constellation Noctua. Hydra spans 90 degrees of the Zodiac, in the Sign of Leo, Virgo, Libra and Scorpio, and contains 5 named fixed stars. Hyrda Constellation … Andromedan starseed test

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Starseed Personality Traits and Characteristics A starseed has a profound feeling of being very different from other people. Everyone is unique and different from others in some way or another, but for a starseed, this feeling begins at a very early age and stays with them well into adulthood.Find information about specific starseed origins: Pleiades, Orion, Hadar, Parallels and more, and what you need to know about living as a starseed soul on ea...

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The capital of Spica contains many wide streets, which contains shops and small simple homes, all equally distanced from one another. Soaring above are the skyscapers, golden with some silver attached. Spica starseeds are of a feline appearance, some are white bodied light beings, and others are human like. They each have their own way of doing things, their own governments, beliefs, and density. Each planet has its dimensions, and in them realms that exist on each of those planes.

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Just analyzed a Lyran Starseed with 100% clear recall of a lifeline as priestess of Artemis. She does not know astrology. As usual she has the StarSeed traits of 12th House Sun and Neptune conj G.C exact. She has only one Asteroid conjunction. Precise to degree and minutes. Maybe even seconds. KARMA conjunct ARTEMIS.
Rare starseeds ... Rare starseeds If you happen to have read Brad Steiger’s 1987 sci-fi novel The Star People or heard of his earlier, somewhat-renowned list of the traits of so-called “starseeds,” those who believe they, unlike most Earthumans, somehow have an origin in the stars; then you will already have a notion of the story being revealed in these pages by Julie ...

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Signs You Are A Starseed To tell if one is in fact a starseed, there are some patterns that many in this group show. Firstly, they can be different to "normal" humans and find it difficult to fit into groups of people; they can feel isolated or outcast on this world and find it foreign or that the society here makes little sense.
Sirian hybrids ... Sirian hybrids